Substation - Detailed Engineering

KNR  has done over 10 assignments of detailed engineering services for substations up to 400kV for national and overseas clients.


  • Equipment Selection
  • Protection and Metering SLD
  • Substation Layout Plan and Sections
  • Substation Clearance Diagrams
  • Erection Key Diagram
  • Earthing & Lightning Protection
  • Lighting System Design
  • Cable Routing layout and Schedule
  • Control Room Equipment Layout
  • Battery and LVAC System
  • SCADA System
  • Project Bill Of Materials
  • Preparation Of Technical Specification.
  • Cost Estimation

Civil and Structural

  • Foundation Design and Engineering
  • Structure Design and Engineering
  • Control Room Building Design and Engineering
  • Lightning & Lighting Mast
  • Foundation and Cable Trench Layout
  • Storm Water Drainage System
  • Road, Drain, Duct Bank
  • Transformer and Reactor Foundation
  • Transformer Fire Wall and Soak Pit
  • Project Bill Of Materials
  • Technical Specification Supply & Insulation
  • Cost Estimation